Thursday, October 13, 2011


Congratulations to everyone who ran last Sunday.  I haven't heard from the West-Coast crew yet, but Phonak's own Janace Daley informed me that everyone who ran Wolfville lived to tell the tale.  Apparently the weather on course this year was unexpectedly warm, which is a stark contrast to the cool windy day we had last year.  I  hope everyone is recovering nicely.  Congrats again!

Janace, Dana, and Aimee looking great after the finish!

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  1. Hi Adam, I participated in the 5k race which started about noon on Sunday. For my first race ever I'd said it went well! I was exhausted Sunday night but it was a great way to spend the afternoon and I'm already scanning the web for the next run that I'd like to participate in. Lesley and I wanted to join up with the group for the 1:30pm picture but we didn't bring our sheet with info and couldn't see any other Phonak shirts in the sea of people at the end :( Thanks again for the opportunity!