Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Half Marathon Program

Okay, this isn't "the" half-marathon program as much as it is "a" half-marathon program.  Depending on the event that you're planning on taking part in you should be starting to follow a plan by now (assuming you want to finish healthy and enjoy the experience).  I know a guy (okay, it was me), who ran his first marathon without training properly....an awful way to spend a morning, and I paid for it every time I had to climb or descend stairs for the following week.

As stated, this is a good "suggested" plan, we're all coming at this with different fitness and experience.  Do what works for you....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our newest HTW Ambassador....

What do I know about Joey McIntyre?  Until recently not a lot beyond the fact that he was my sister's favourite in the early 90's boy band "New Kids on the Block".  Lately however Joey has made his way back on to my radar; no, my sister hasn't dusted off his posters in light of their recent reunion tours (her husband wouldn't approve), but rather the fact that Joey has become one of our Hear the World Ambassadors.  Joey's endorsement comes along with deep personal significance as his son Rhys was born with a severe hearing loss.  Joey has a become a strong voice in his mission to raise awareness on behalf of children with hearing loss, and we are extremely grateful for his support.